NEW PUBLICATION: Results of a phase Ib study of SB-121, an investigational probiotic formulation, a randomized controlled trial in participants with autism spectrum disorder

NEW PUBLICATION: Results of a phase Ib study of SB-121, an investigational probiotic formulation, a randomized controlled trial in participants with autism spectrum disorder

ESG Commitment to Autism Awareness and Support

At Scioto Biosciences, we are committed to making a positive impact on the world and promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. As part of our broader Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) framework, we are dedicated to raising awareness and providing support for individuals with autism and their families. This ESG page outlines our initiatives, strategies, and partnerships in this important area.

Environmental Responsibility

  • Sustainable Initiatives: We strive to reduce our environmental footprint through sustainable practices. While this may not directly relate to autism awareness and support, we believe that a clean environment contributes to the well-being of all individuals, including those with autism.
  • Nature-Based Therapies: Incorporate nature-based therapies, to connect individuals with autism to the natural world. Encourage eco-friendly practices during these therapeutic sessions.
  • Environmental Advocacy for Autism: Encourage autism advocacy organizations to raise awareness about the intersection of autism and environmental responsibility. Advocate for policies and practices that support both causes.

By integrating environmental responsibility into the autism community, we can create a more sustainable and inclusive world where individuals with autism can develop essential life skills, contribute to eco-friendly initiatives, and enjoy the benefits of a cleaner, healthier planet

Social Responsibility

  • Autism Awareness and Acceptance Campaigns: We actively support and participate in autism awareness campaigns, such as Autism Awareness Month in April. Our employees are encouraged to engage in various activities to spread awareness and reduce stigma.
  • Sustainable Employment Partnerships: Foster partnerships between autism-focused organizations and businesses that prioritize sustainability. Encourage these businesses to provide employment opportunities for individuals with autism while supporting eco-friendly practices.
  • Donations and Fundraising: We allocate resources and donations to organizations and research initiatives that focus on autism awareness, support, and research. These efforts help improve the quality of life for individuals with autism.
  • Community Engagement: We encourage our employees to engage with the local autism community through volunteering and participation in events. This includes collaborating with local autism organizations and schools to promote understanding and inclusivity.

We are committed to the highest ethical behavior in everything we do. That commitment includes being involved in work that advances the well-being of individuals with an autism diagnosis as well as always assuring and valuing those we help and doing so in a manner that always values and respects the person we help.


  • Board Oversight: Our board of directors actively monitors our efforts related to autism awareness and support. They ensure transparency, accountability, and alignment with our core values and mission.
  • Data Collection and Research Funding: Allocate resources for research on autism and the collection of relevant data to better understand the prevalence, needs, and challenges of individuals with autism. This information can inform policymaking and resource allocation.
  • Public Awareness Campaigns: Launch public awareness campaigns to reduce stigma and increase understanding of autism. These campaigns can promote acceptance, inclusion, and access to services.
  • International Collaboration: Collaborate with international organizations and other countries to share best practices, research findings, and policies that support individuals with autism on a global scale.

These governance initiatives aim to create a more inclusive, supportive, and responsive environment for individuals with autism, ensuring that their rights and well-being are protected and that they have the opportunity to reach their full potential within society.


  • Collaboration with Autism Organizations: We have formed partnerships with reputable autism organizations, both local and national, to strengthen our impact. These partnerships enable us to leverage their expertise and resources for the benefit of the autism community.
  • Employee Resource Groups: We support and facilitate employee-led resource groups focused on autism awareness and support. These groups help raise awareness, drive initiatives, and encourage a culture of understanding within our company.

Future Commitments

  • Continuous Learning: We are committed to ongoing education and training for our employees to enhance their understanding of autism. This will help us create a more supportive and inclusive environment.
  • Increased Community Involvement: We plan to expand our involvement in local autism communities by hosting and participating in more events, workshops, and initiatives.
  • Research and Innovation: We will continue to support research and innovation in the field of autism to further the development of effective treatments and interventions.

At Scioto Biosciences, our dedication to autism awareness and support is an integral part of our broader ESG efforts. We demonstrate each and every day our commitment to these principles and values in the work we do and in our vision that every person impacted by autism will live a life full of opportunity and respect. We are committed to regular updates and reporting on our progress, as well as adapting our strategies to better serve the autism community.