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Research and Development

Scioto is focused on developing a novel Activated Bacterial Therepeudic delivery platform that provides enhanced function and persistent benefits to patients.

The Current Market

The microbiome market is a fairly new and underdeveloped field of research.  Although there are several products sold over the counter that currently claim to prevent various human diseases, very few have significant impact or improvement in the outcome for patients.  Several companies have been formed in recent years to address all forms of issues associated with the human microbiome including clostridium difficile infections, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, oncology and various other chronic diseases.  However, the ability to successfully deliver and sustain live therepeutic bacteria in the human gut to improve the microbiome has been a major hurdle with conventional products, whereas the Scioto Platform has been shown to persist in the gut and lead to a healthier microbiome

The Role of Biofilms

Biofilms are communities of bacteria covered by a self-forming matrix. Bacteria in a biofilm are better able to survive stress from the environment including immune clearance as well as antimicrobial compounds. Bacteria in the human microbiome are often in a biofilm state, including healthy commensal bacteria that reside in the mucosal barrier, which makes improving the microbiome with beneficial probiotic bacteria difficult. The Scioto Platform delivers live therapeutic bacteria already in the biofilm state making them better suited to colonize and provide lasting beneficial effects.

Our Difference

Scioto’s platform primes the live therapeutic bacteria colonization within the mucosal lining and pioneers the development of a healthy microbiome.  Our technology induces biofilm formation on the surface of polysaccharide microspheres. This novel activated bacterial therapeutic platform formulation enables delivery of active, live therapeutic bacteria capable of persisting in the gut and primed for adhesion to intestinal mucosa. These features facilitate thickening of the mucosal layer and induce lasting beneficial effects of a healthier, intact intestinal lining.  The platform has the potential to reduce disease burden in any disorder associated with a ‘leaky gut’.  

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