ABT Platform

Optimizing Microbiome Delivery

Bacteria Delivered with ABT Achieves Single-Dose Gut Protection

Microbiome research and development is greatly influencing the way we now treat a wide range of diseases and conditions. While there are several “probiotic” products sold over the counter that claim to prevent various human diseases, very few have shown significant impact on patient outcomes.

The Scioto Activated Bacterial Therapeutics (ABT) delivery platform has been shown to enable bacteria to persist in the gut by delivering live therapeutic bacteria already in a biofilm state, providing lasting beneficial effects including a healthier microbiome. Our technology has the potential to reduce disease burden in any disorder associated with a “leaky gut,” including clostridium difficile infections, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, oncology and various other chronic diseases.

Microbiome Delivery

ABT Platform


Scioto’s unique ABT approach to delivering active, live therapeutic bacteria:



Forms an activated probiotic biofilm around loaded microparticles to prime colony-forming mechanisms of bacteria


Protects bacteria for increased survival through the GI system


Provide enhanced efficacy
Enhances function and mucosal thickening for a persistent beneficial effect